Last tests for my enduro skills and technique to prepare for Mongolia

Every year around Easter we pack our North Face Bags and head of for Namibia with the whole family. The girls go for the impressive Toyota Land Cruisers while the boys get on bikes. We dress up in enduro gear on the parking lot of the airport, impatient to get going in the hot Kalahari red dunes desert.

Werner Shultz, our guide since 2005, turned out to be in hospital for a weird disease but this could not reduce the fun… his one million kilometers counting (!!!) Toyota “Mullie” was faithful to his post. This car has taken every trip with us and sometimes I still find new places where stuff is hidden…

“… Remember the time when sex was safe and off road dangerous…”

As usual we drive untill the sun makes 2 or 3 meter shades and then we look for a nice spot to make a camp. Namibia is the second least populated country in the world and I never had any problem camping in the wild. We just love it…

Do you know what the least populated country in the world is… right: Mongolia

Unless you are unconfortable with the animals that the Kalahari hides, there is not a single problem…

We went from Windhoek all the way down to the Fish River Canyon, an impressive sight and worth the detour, and back. All in total we drove 1.805 kilometers in seven driving days and in my defence, not on tarmac. I know the milage/day will be higher on the P2P.

Waiting for the Jeeps in a faint bit of shadow

After a week with no water to wash at all, no toilet and no privacy whatsoever, the arrival at the River Crossing Lodge in Windhoek was discouraging… we love to live outdoors with minimal amenities and there is always some sadness to say goodbye to the purity of the world, the million stars at night and the simplicity of living without luxury.

But let’s not call ourselves idiots and get back to the real life… by jumping in the pool. Damn the water was cold! Temperature goes from 36° at noon to 6° at night. But without further ado… JUMP!

I know that Herman and I will not be so lucky to be able to jump in a pool in Mongolia, but perhaps the wash basins will not be frozen in the morning and then… it is a party!