Anton Sr & Herman Jr

Anton and Herman work together since 2001. Anton is an architect and Herman an interior architect. They join forces in a high end architecture and construction team ABS Bouwteam where they develop, build and sell contemporary urban solutions.

But when Anton and Herman play it is all about triathlons and marathons. Herman is the faster guy (read: younger) and Anton follows where he can. Then again, in the Classic Rally business, Herman is a novice. Time to teach the guy the rules of the art of rallying.

When asked for his sportive CV Herman answered this: As a child I already knew that car and motor racing was my thing. As an adolescent on a budget, I knew sport was my best surrogate. That got me into the Ironman and ultra running scenery. When Anton asked me to be his co-pilot in the P2P 2019 that hidden feeling popped up again in a second. So here I am, a complete novice to rally world. Eager to fill in this missing piece.

And here is Anton’s sportive Curriculum Vitae: