Day one was… difficult but we made it!

What a nice start, at the Chinese Wall… Music, dancers, drums, and us as number 1 under the arch. It all went down very quickly, but Herman and I still enjoyed it plenty. We drove away for 605 kilometers while Inge and Peggy were left in tears behind… we think!

It was a hot, rough and long day on the Contal. Herman and I suffered each on our own and only shared it after the arrival in the hotel. But the dominant feeling was relief and joy! We actually spent 10 hours on the bloody thing. No technical problems, just muscle pains and a sore bottom. Tomorrow will be a bit more managable, we hope. Today’s roadbook made a lot of victims amongst the competitors, It is now 22:24 and they are still coming in while today 5 of them came in on a tow truck.

Tomorrow 450 kilometers… let’s hope the potholes are not everywhere, like today!