15 hours before the start!

Locked and loaded!

The parking lot is slowly filling up. Staring out of the hotel window I look down on our Mototri Contal. My eye sees that the N°2, a steam car lined up beside us. The difference in size is breathteaking. What were they thinking with such a big machine… what were we thinking with such a little machine? Gasp!

The parking lot at the Shangri-La in Bejing
Look how small it is!

Some of the cars are amazing, enthousiasts must have spent months to prepare them. Not always in the right way to my taste, but who am I to judge? I see one constant battle at every car… the search for more space to put stuff. Little do they know they will ditch half of it in Hohhot…

Tomorrow there will be an early start. I think we will leave the hotel at 06:00 to pass the official flag at the Chinese Wall at 07:30… brrr!