Bejing, here we are… 112 years later!

They say that half the rally is getting to the start, so Herman and I gladly announce you we are IN the Shangri-La Hotel and the Contal is in the parking lot, ready for the start on sunday. We drove it from the Harbor to the center of the City which is no small effort. Anyway…

So at 14:00 there was the scruteneering where the all the cars (and one threewheeler) were scrupulesly controlled and take care… the technicians are not an easy bunch! We passed! So up to signing and yes, there we met the high standards of the organisation and got the roadbooks, the maps and so on.

Scruteneering line-up on a friday afternoon in Bejing

This means we are INN! So far so good. From today on we will be wearing name tags and I must say  Herman and I will proudly wear the N°1.

Most of the Belgians (17 of them) got trough scruteneering today, so did our friend Arne Quinze, who succeeded his Chinese driving test which means he got a Chinese number plate and a Chinese driving licence.

But before you tink we are so cool… check out the Russia team n°45 who drove from central Russia to get to the start of the P2P19, all 6000 kilometers… Now that is something! They drove for 10 days to get here and if I am not mistaken they will drive it back from Paris to their home… Wow!