Time for a private celebration…

In the lobby of the hotel in Bejing, a lot of people came to ask me if I was serious about driving the tricycle to Paris. the question puzzled me, because there I was, on the parking lot. One of them was more serious though and said: ” If you drive this thing to Paris, I will offer you a bottle of Dom Pérignon vintage 2008“. Now that was a promise I did not forget and what do you know… When we walked in on the gala on sunday evening in the Intercontinental Hotel in Paris, there, this authentic gentlemen, this perfect fellow competitor, this wonderful person, handed me the box with the bottle.

Now this is a superb gesture, this is impressive… So I took it home and with my most loved ones, we made a special moment out of it. The first sunday evening after the arrival in Paris we opened this beautiful bottle and enjoyed not only the sweet taste of victory, but also the abrasion of friendship and good sportmanship.

Thank you my friend, you made us very happy.