I. am. in. BELGIUUUUUUM!!!

YES!!! yesyesyesyes… Liège, the new Walhallah. And we did not get it for free! This was a 6OO km day and at km 350 the Contal protested in the area of the back axle. So we stopped on the highway, examined it, called Rudy and fixed it to bring us gently to Liège… where the Belgians made a warm welcome. Good beer, good food…

Tomorrow there is the stop in Ypres… This is the Belgian finish of this rally. We expect a lot of people and we want to be ready… So big works on the Contal had to be done. If you are interested, we will be on the market place at 16:00. Rudy and Els came out and did everything they could to make a new bike. Sort of…

Ypres, Paris… two days seperate us from history. More men walked on the moon that drove Peking to Paris on a tricycle. This is an almost fact. Just imagine… after 34 days I can only dream of it. This will happen now. I look down at my hands and wonder if they will ever get normal again. My two vingers are completely numb and look how the appear now… the hands of an architect?

right hand
left hand

To get an idea of what the Contal (and the drivers) had to endure is it interesting to look at the number plate. It was new in Peking… look at it now: cracked in the middle and only a few centimeters left before it is in two peaces!

CU in Ypres or Paris… I hope. And if we do make it… Paris will not be big enough. Stay with us.