day 22… some like it hot.

So we entered Kazachstan, got drained, survived and left Kazachstan again after driving a straight line of about 1800 kilometer. We are now is Russia, today was a very hot day. We drove 610 kilometer during 10 hours with just little time for a lemonade and a piss. There were moments that I had outer body experiences… weird. So, what happened since last blog? The most important element is that the Contal suffers from PMS: Post Mongolian Stress. First, we have a crack in the oil tank… that is a major problem. Oil spilled everywhere. It makes the Contal look as a wreck, which it isn’t, let’s be clear. And then the exhaust left its position with an enormous sound following. Then, the tyres had to be changed… and one of the new rims was wobbely… My point is that every evening there is a lot of work to be done. But the restday in Ufa brought reliëf. We worked from 8 in the morning till 5 in the afternoon… in a Toyota garage… Stopped the oil lead, fixed the tyres, did general maintanance and were ready to take on the run to St Petersburg. 

The worst part of it is the trembling of the Contal. It is a bad thing for every bolt and screw, but even worse for my hands.

the problem


the solution

We are now only three days driving from St Petersburg. That is the new Walhalla… If we get there, I think the worst is done. Wish us luck…