Restday at Novosibirsk

So there we are… restday in Novosebirsk. We arrived at a descend hour and were able to get to the room and shower quickly. They even came out to take our luggage with a trolley. Go Marriott, go!

The sun came out and Novosibirsk seemed a peaceful place for a while. But I had an appointment with our Belgian Contal doctor, Rudy Leblon, so I stayed in the parking lot to meet him.

Rudy Leblon in the middle. Rudy in Russia…

There he was. Now we had to get all our gear together and find a workshop that would have all the tools and welding material we needed. We found it only 1 mile from the hotel. In the meanwhile I meet Angelo, an Italian that bikes from Paris to Peking, just the opposite direction. So we meet in Novosibirsk… weird!

Next day, saturday, we went to the workshop at 08u30 and worked till 17u30… I was exhausted. But the Contal has a 4th generation front axle! It was (very badly) concieved in Holland, pre-mongolised in China, changed again in Mongolia and now, in Russia, dinousaured… now it should be unbreakable!

triangulair reinforcement of the front axle

and then time to tidy up the gaer