Rudy, Els and Joren Leblon: the creators of the Contal P2P 002

Tricar experts are special

The most enthusiastic tricar family of Belgium lives far away, hidden in the clay of Flanders. You hardly find their workshop and when you do find it there is no bell. But thanks to the dog Midas they all know that you are there. Rudy is constantly working, Els is never far away. Joren always walks in and out. Together they have prepared the Contal for its monstrous task.
How the hell could one ask, does a person, let alone a family, become tricar experts? The answer is simple. With a lot of enthusiasm and an innate talent to deal with engines and technology. The second most important characteristic is patience … a lot of patience. The universe of cars and voiturettes from around the turn of the century is small and large at the same time. The experts all know each other and the interaction is discreet and patient. Nothing is rushed.
Rudy and Els have taught me the love for tricars. When I came to them with my project for Peking to Paris I had a dream. When Herman and I left their driveway with the Mototri Contal P2P 002, 16 months later, we took home a newly grown fascination for tricars, and a big heart. I got the latter for free, extra.
Meticulous and ingenious, component by component was constructed, fitted and placed. Difficult solutions were devised in bed at night and implemented in the early morning. Rudy eats a banana at 10 AM, to continue working immediately afterwards. I have never met a family that is more focused than them. They are special. 
Now it is up to Herman and me… but they will be with us the whole 8.500 miles. Let’s hope we honor their work and arrive in Paris, and if we do… I am sure they will be as happy as us.