More idiots like us!

I know, I know… I have been called an idiot by my wife and most of my friends. The word they use is not ‘idiot’ but rather ‘fool’, ‘madman’… and so on. I can only agree. I aknowledge that the architecture of the Contal is not ideal to cover 14.850 kilometers. Lars Rolner had a picture for me that demonstrates perfectly how the Contal actually feels and looks.

Funny Lars… :-S, txs.

They are all probably right but to my defence, there have been weirder undertakings in the last century. It struck me on my visit to Retromobile in Paris last February that in the beginning of the century there was no shortage of strange vehicles. No, I am not planning to try P2P in 2022 with these… mmmm… And what do you think of this one:

And these:

At least I did not consider to try it on this piece of art:

Anyway, mad or not mad… the only mindset we will be carrying with us is that we will not focus on the weirdness of our vehicle nor the destination too much, but will enjoy the journey… with Herman in the front seat.