When a Countess gets dressed… as befits nobles

Ladies and gentlemen… The P2P19 Contal is ready!

With only 5 days left to the pick-up by CARS for transport to Bejing the Contal was tested and stickered. You could say it finally received its colours. After 14 months of preparations the first part of the rally came to its final chapter… It is as they say: “Half of the Rally is getting at the start!“. It proved to be a monster work. The first time it came out of the workshop there was need for champagne. Mumm of course! Who knows why?

In the beginning the Contal was naked, it had just its number: #1, as assigned by the organisation. Damn that is a good number. We will need to be first out of the bivac every morning to get to the end of the day in daylight. Brrrr…

But then, gradually as she got sticked on… The Coutness got dressed properly, as befits nobles. It only made her more beautiful. If I was not in love with this vehicle already, I am now. My wife is my witness… pure automotive man-kind of love!


And so this long-term process comes to an end. I will inform you of how the tests went in another article. It is save though to let you know already that they went great! Dzeezes it was fun! So it works and it looks good. What brought us to find a name for this beast. You read it here above: “The Countess”. It somehow fits with ‘Contal’-Countess and gives it the posture I want it to have: nobility. Hah!